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Guidelines for submissions:

When instructing students to submit their best work, ensure that they follow the guidelines below.

STEP 1: Archive all files in a ZIP folder

  • Digital files (PDFs, animation stills, storyboards, comic panels, sequential art, etc.):
    • All native files, and when appropriate, fonts and supporting links contained in a single folder
    • All final submission folders compressed as a zip file
    • All zipped folders named in a manner that includes the campus, year, quarter, program abbreviation, the student’s first and last names, and the title of the artwork (as shown below). This information also needs to be embedded in the metadata.

Guidelines for Naming Conventions:

File Name:



(Example: SAV_2020Winter_FIBR_ReneeCuny_01.jpg)

STEP 2: Add a text or doc file to accompany ZIP file

(Example: SAV_2020Winter_FIBR_ReneeCuny_01.doc)

Metadata Description:

Campus Name – Quarter – Department Name – Student Work – Student Name – Student Hometown – “Work Title” – Work Materials – Image Credit

– SCAD Savannah
– Winter 2020
– Interactive Design and Game Development
– Student Work
– Renee Cuny
– Jacksonville, FL USA
– “Electric” – digital painting, hand painting, repeat pattern design
– Image by the artist, courtesy of SCAD)

Please submit all images as JPEGs at 300dpi, JPEG quality 12, Adobe RGB 1998.