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ITGM755: Project A

Part 1: 3 Topic Pitches

For this assignment, you should look at your personal goals as an artist/designer and derive three possible pitches for a thesis topic. The thesis topic should describe a concept and approach that would extend your discipline. It should not be a description of the project alone. You will need to hand in two components for each of your idea pitches:

In a succinct, well-written proposal of approximately one page for each concept, explain the topic on which you would like to work.

The topics can range from narrowly focused topics such as iconic cultural representations in costumes for character design to broader concepts such as creating object-­â€centered social networks.

Describe the method in which you will explore your topic and the scope over which you will carry this project out.

You do not need to create a full application if your idea can be demonstrated by developing a component. For example, if you are trying to develop a gestural input application, there may not be a need to develop side features such as a GPS display. Steps 1 and 2 are interchangeable as to which one should be completed first. Some of you might want to think about what type of project you would like to work on for approximately three quarters. It is ideal that you choose a project that will not become stale for you in a few weeks.

It is also important for you to distinguish between a superficial subject matter and your real thesis topic. For example, you may create a Web site whose content is about Nuclear Fusion to support your main thesis on “successful navigational designs for information architecture.” There is no need to write a paper on Nuclear Fusion since this is merely the chosen subject of the project and could be substituted with any other subject.


For your three topic pitches, please include a one-­page, double-­spaced proposal of each of your concepts, including a description of the visual component that will demonstrate the proposed thesis topic. Please include sketches or images (if any) that may help illustrate your ideas more clearly. Images and illustrations should not be counted toward the one-­page written requirement of the proposal for each idea.

Submission and Due Dates
Power Point Presentation due on Class 03.

Part 2: Skills Exposition

As part of assessing your thesis direction, it will be helpful for your instructor and peers to see a few of your best projects that demonstrate your skill set. I will be able to best guide and support you if you provide us this information about yourself. These skills will also be assessed during your review to gauge your progress within the program as well as to determine whether you are capable of completing your thesis project.

Choose 6 – 8 pieces of your best work and document them in one single Power Point Presentation with screen captures or renders.

Try to stage your works in a manner that is best for viewing. For example, do not put models on bright-­â€red backgrounds or similarly distracting environments.

If you have physical computing works or iPhone apps, you may need to provide a live video capture of the project working.

Desktop video captures may be used for partially working sites or projects.

If you have already created a portfolio, please make the effort to provide a PDF document for this assignment. You should have a focused presentation instead of a large collection of works.

Submission and Due Date
Power Point Presentation Due on Class 03

Part 3: Thesis Direction

A written proposal that is 1-2 pages in length, double-spaced.

By now, you should have received feedback from your peers and me on your proposed thesis topics and works exposition. Based on their feedback and your own inclinations, try to choose a thesis topic from the three ideas proposed last class. If you now find all of them unusable from the feedback given, try to come up with a new topic. It would be ideal to contact me if you are still seeking an idea. It is also important to note that this course is focused on methodologies; you may change your topic later as long as the related materials and research work are updated.

Revise your chosen thesis topic and outline the reasons why you have chosen it. Do not simply copy the same pages from your first proposal since you have already received feedback with regard to some direction.

Submission and Due Date
Proposal and Power Point Presentation Due on Class 05