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Applied Principles: Interactive Web Design

Course Description:

Key concepts of Web design are presented through a series of technical and design workshops. Students are introduced to the latest authoring and animation tools and learn how to apply their knowledge of the software to create dynamic and responsive Web designs. Prerequisite(s): ADBR 205 or GRDS 205 or ITGM 220.

Course Goals:

The following course goals articulate the general objectives and purpose of this course:

  1. Students will learn to build and develop basic websites using skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and Dreamweaver.
  2. Students will learn to conceptualize and understand project structures through file organization.
  3. Students will gain exposure to recommended 2-D design principles for the Web environment.

Student Learning Outcomes: 

The following course outcomes indicate competencies and measurable skills that students develop as a result of completing this course:

  1. Students will be proficient in creating and developing basic websites, using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and basic PHP using Dreamweaver.
  2. Students will organize HTML files and media files in a functional hierarchy with no broken links, missing images or other file structure errors.
  3. Students will apply 2-D design principles and color theory for the Web to create visually stimulating and responsive Web sites.