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ITGM765: Project C

Part 1: Short Description and Action Plan

For this assignment, include the thesis statement that was developed when you selected a thesis direction and topic. While you are familiar with your work, including the statement will help others focus on your goals and give you appropriate feedback.

Provide a well-­â€written short description of the visual project that you would like to undertake. For example, you may want to create a Web site or a Facebook game.

Include an action plan of how you will prove or demonstrate your thesis concept. For some of you, this will be straightforward, accomplished simply by completing the project you are describing. Others may have to include usability testing. There are even instances in which you may have to create two versions of your project just to demonstrate a point.

You should consider how to best visualize your project as a prototype. Some of you may want to go directly to building your project, but keep in mind that it may be in your best interest to prototype it first instead. For example, level designers may want to create the layout in Google SketchUp rather than spend the long hours modeling and building the level in the Unreal engine. Provide a description of how you intend to create a prototype for the thesis review.

Submission and Due Date
Due on Class 05

Part 2: Concept Visualization

For your concept visualization, you may create sketches or comps of the project you will undertake for the thesis or simply find a way to visualize it (the actual implementation will take place during your Studio II and thesis quarter). Some professions and disciplines provide a direct link to this process as the previsualization stage. Character artists or concept designers can go directly into creating concept artwork. However, others will need to think of the best method to prototype or visualize their work. Try to find a way of visualizing your work without having to go through the steps of building it immediately if the project is a large undertaking. For example, if you have not acquired the skills to program for an iPhone app but you wish to create a gestural interface, you might want to mock up the interface as Web page, show it on an iPhone, and create a visualization video through editing and compositing a live session.

You will have two weeks to create a first iteration of the prototype. If you believe you can create a working wireframe to demonstrate your concept, then you should go directly into creating your project. Others will probably want to explore visualization formats using Google SketchUp (for game and level designers) or planning a Web site through Microsoft SketchFlow (both programs are available for free to SCAD students).

Submission and Due Date
Due on Class 05

Part 3: Prototype Revision

You have an additional two weeks to revise or change your prototype visualizations or simulations according to peer and instructor feedback. You also may have made progress in technical areas and wish to update a more functional prototype for that reason. At this stage, you should clarify any ambiguities about the behavior or goal of your project. You may want to create a voice-­over or video of the prototype in action. The review panel or any viewers will see the interactions or design concerns of your thesis rather than be sidetracked by features or even flaws.

Submission and Due Date
Due on Class 10