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709 Proj B (Part 4)

March 2, 2020 All day

VIDEO: Review with Professor ONLY (We will not show the class for review at this stage)

Project B: Part 4:
User Experience Narrative Video

This project is divided into four distinct sections. Part 4 is the USER EXPERIENCE NARRATIVE VIDEO. After the teams have developed the final high-fidelity prototype, you are ready to use this prototype in a real-world user situation. Your team is responsible for creating the user story (narrative), planning and storyboarding, documenting with video and ultimately, editing a final version that showcases your final ITGM709 project.

IMPORTANT: As stated in the earlier project parts – 1, 2, and 3 have elements that can be developed in unison. Your project story, location scouting and planning can and should be taking place at your earliest possible opportunity. You will gain valuable insight early on with research that can kickstart your story and the planning. Do not wait until the high-fidelity prototype is completed to start you part 4 planning and logistics.

+ Keep these items in mind:
+ Storyboards and script
+ Schedule HD cameras and lighting kits from the cage
+ Scouting locations
+ Actors and students
+ Scheduling and logistics
+ Props, clothes and art direction
+ Create a video production plan
+ Music and sound
+ Compositing UI on device or shoot
+ Production team (recruit student in Film and/or sound)709 Home