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ITGM765: Project B

Part 1: Thesis Presentation Power Point and Site

Your Thesis Presentation Power Point & Site will contain your thesis elements in their most current and up-to-date state. These will be presented along with past work in a concisely structured and organized Web site format to your review committee. Project B works in conjunction with Project A. The goal of Project A is to maintain progress on the development of the written and visual components of your final thesis. It is critical that you maintain your goals, fulfill the tasks, and meet the designated deadlines. Doing so will position you for a successful 45-hour review as well as set the stage for a smooth transition into the M.F.A. Thesis class. Project B will require that you pull parts from Project A in their most recent and developed states, and integrate them into your thesis presentation Web site.


All Interactive Design and Game Development M.F.A. candidates complete their thesis presentations in a Power Point and a Web site format. At a minimum, the Web site should address and present the following components:

  • Thesis Statement and Abstract
  • Six Samples of Past Work
  • Thesis Development:
  • Thesis Research
  • Visual Process
  • Thesis Visual Prototype
  • Written Thesis Brief (Outline and/or Draft)
  • Thesis Blog Link

Of importance are the milestone breakpoints that are required for the 45-hour review. For example, the breakpoint for the written component is the outline or the rough draft; in other words, you may not have the revised draft or final. However, to present a convincing 45-hour review it is critical that your outline and/or draft be completed. The same holds true for the visual component, where the breakpoint may lie with a certain level of code development or prototypes. If you fail to complete these tasks, the successful completion of the 45-hour review becomes more unlikely as you will appear to be faltering or incapable of fulfilling the scope of the project.

Submission and Due Date
Power Point Presentation Due on Class 04

Part 2: Thesis Research and Visual Process

Compile your thesis research and process to date. Consider the following guidelines as you review your materials:

  • Do not overburden this section with unfocused content. The emphasis should be on quality, not quantity. Place an emphasis on the organization and concise presentation of your research and process.
  • You must present tangible evidence to the review committee that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your area of pursuit. This is the portion of your presentation where you must present historical and contemporary influences. This may include authors, artists, books, technologies, games, Web sites, etc. Be thorough in this area, as failure to do so may be grounds for concern by the review committee.

Update your Blog with your presentation of research and process.


The Following are Usually NOT Acceptable References for your thesis.

  •    Class Lecture Notes
  •    Textbooks
  •    Encyclopedias
  •    Dictionaries
  •    Popular Books
  •    Popular Magazines
  •    Newspapers
  •    Radio and TV Broadcasts
  •    The Internet

The Following MAY be Acceptable References for your thesis.

  •    Reputable News Media (Time, Newsweek, New York Times)
  •    Serious Popular Magazines (New Yorker, National Geographic)
  •    Government Publications
  •    Internet versions of these sources

The Following ARE Acceptable References for your thesis.

  •    Scholarly Periodicals
  •    Scholarly Books
  •    Reputable Translations of Foreign Works
  •    Student Theses
  •    Research Forums on the Internet
  •    Internet Periodicals by Reputable Organizations

Submission and Due Date
Power Point Presentation Due on Class 10

Part 3: Thesis Development

  1. Organize and prepare the most current version of both your written draft and visual prototype that you developed as part of Project A for inclusion into your thesis presentation Web site. Consider the following guidelines as you prepare your materials:
  • The materials should be presented in a clear, intuitive, and user-friendly manner. Avoid large downloads and special requirements if possible.
  • Students may be at different stages of development, but it is vital to understand that the committee can only make considerations based on what is presented. It is understood by the committee and expected that your final development will occur during the M.F.A. Thesis course, but it is important that you present positive and substantial progress to help the review committee understand the breadth of your thesis, and its contribution to your overall thesis effort.
  • You should be in a position to present a visual prototype that is both convincing and in sync with your thesis statement and abstract. If your thesis is more theory or research-driven, you may not have a physical prototype but rather a more thorough presentation of your progress and process. Regardless, this is the portion of the presentation that must showcase your efforts.

2. Update your Web site with your thesis development progress.

Submission and Due Date
Power Point Presentation Due on Class 10

Part 4: Presentation Revision and Documentation

  1. The requirements of this part will vary depending on if you successfully passed the 45-hour review or did not pass. If you did successfully complete your review, continue to develop and refine your thesis in conjunction with Project A. If you did not successfully pass your review, this is the time to refocus and rework the elements of the thesis that need attention as advised by the review committee.
  2. Update your Web site with your thesis development progress.

Submission and Due Date
Power Point Presentation Due on Class 20