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748|755|765 Class: 

You are included in a cross-listed class that consists of:

  • ITGM748 Final Project
  • ITGM755 Thesis Studio I
  • ITGM765 ThesisStudio II

You are expected to be self-motivated as there is much to do in each of these classes. The benefit is that these classes are similar in nature and objectives – in that they represent your home-stretch assignments and should be representative of your best efforts.

Extra attention will be available for ITGM765 Students as they are preparing for the week 7/8 45-hour reviews. It is paramount that they be prepared. Any feedback you can supply will benefit then. ITGM748 and ITGM755 benefit from their preparation and experience, especially Studio I students who will be mirroring their efforts in upcoming quarters.

The majority of these classes will be used for presentation and feedback. You will have ample studio time in class but are expected to spend many hours outside of class on your research and project development.